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Channel Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder 8 BNC16 BNC2 H.264 21000536

This is Channel Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder . It is in new condition, it is designed specifically for the field of a number of digital security surveillance products, which uses an Micro Processor lnit (MPU) and embedded operating systems, combined with the field of the latest IT technologies, such as video and audio encode / decode, high-capacity hard disk recording, TCP / IP network technology, code firmware in the FLASH, making system operation morestable. What's more, it comes with digital video and audio recorder (DVR) and digital video and audio server (DVS) feature at the same time, can work of local independent can also be networked to form a powerful network security monitoring. It can be used in banking, telecommunications, power, justice, transport, residential, factories, warehouses, water conservancy facilities and other areas and departments of the safety precautions. Meanwhile, you can monitor without download the software, but provided that the domain name in the network is ok. You can also download a free player software on the phone search, phone installation, castillo player ...

  • Channel Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder 8 BNC16 BNC2 H.264 21000536
  • Channel Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder 8 BNC16 BNC2 H.264 21000536 1
  • Channel Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder 8 BNC16 BNC2 H.264 21000536 2


  • Operation system: Embedded Linux operation system
  • System resource: 8 channel CIF real - time video and network - wide transmission, 1 or 8 - channel CIF Playback at the same time
  • Operation interface: Graphical user interface (GUI), mouse, panel, remote control operation
  • Video standard: PAL, NTSC
  • Image compressior: H.264
  • Recoding mode: Manual, timing, alarm, motion detection
  • Video Search: Time search, event search, channel search, the log search
  • Backup: network backup, USB backup, SATA DVD
  • Video input: 8 BNC
  • Video output: 1 channel
  • Audio input: 8 channel
  • Audio output: 1 channel
  • Monitoring quality: PAL: 720x576 (DI); NTSC: 720x480 (DI)
  • Playback quality: PAL 352x288 (CIF); NTSC: 352x240 (CIF)
  • Image Control: 6 shifts for adjustable
  • Motion Detection: for each channel of the detection area (16 xl6), multi - level sensitivity can be seen
  • Image display: 1, 4, 9, 16 Image display
  • Video Speed: PAL: 25 frames / sec (adjustable) NTSC: 30 frames / sec (adjustable)
  • Video Save: The hard drive, network
  • Local playback: 1 or 8 - channel CIF Playback
  • Alarm Input: 4 channel
  • PTZ: RS485
  • Alarm output: 1 channel
  • Hard Disk Interface: 2 SATA interface
  • Network interface: self - adaptive ethernet interface
  • Power: DC 12V
  • Memory capacity: 1 TB
  • USB interface: USB1.1 / 2.0

Channel Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder specifications

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  • Allow live display, record, playback, backup, control and network operation at the same time.
  • High improves video quality for live, recording, and network.
  • 8 CH CIF full real time recording transmission and playback.
  • Low bit rate required for fastest network transfer.
  • Support IR remote control and mouse control.
  • Graphocs and Windows OSD intergace.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • H.264 video compression.
  • New and high quality.

Package include

  • 8CHannel BNC8 / BNC2 H.264 Hard Driver Digital Video Recorder - 9114HV (1 pcs)
  • AAA 1.5V battery (2 pcs)
  • External alarm panel (1 pcs)
  • Charger Adapter (1 pcs)
  • Remote control (1 pcs)
  • Power cable (1 pcs)
  • CD Driver (1 pcs)
  • Mouse (1 pcs)

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