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Filter 58mm Infra-Red IR 720nm HK-DT503IR

Crate special effects with this Infrared-Pass Filter . Excellent for outdoor filming, the filter is essential for capturing the highest quality pictures in overcast outdoor lighting. With the filter in place 99% of the light seen by the naked eye is blocked out and only infrared light is filtered through. Technically the naked eye cannot see 100% black but with the infrared filter and your camcorder specialist functions, you will magically be able to. 950nm is suitable for outdoor and strong light use. 850nm is suitable for indoor and weak light use. 760nm is suitable when at dawn or under faint light. 720nm is mixed-ray filter, also known as second-line photography interference. Part of the infrared and visible light can mixed together to create the effect of alternative and magic.

  • Filter 58mm Infra-Red IR 720nm HK-DT503IR

Filter specifications

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  • 1 x 58mm Infra-Red IR Filter 720nm.
  • New, never used.
  • Diameter: 58mm.

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