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Travel Charger for Motorola Razr Razor V3 HK-M1402

Do not worry you and your family out of trouble charger. With this Travel Charger For Motolola , charge your cell phone at work or while travelling with this Motorola compatible phone charger and keep life moving! Compatible with voltage requirements in almost all foreign countries.

  • Travel Charger for Motorola Razr Razor V3 HK-M1402

Travel Charger for Motorola Razr Razor specifications

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  • Need to charge your phone at work or when going out of town? Don't bother to unplug the charger from home. Simply carry an extra handy and light travel charger that powers your phone anytime, anywhere!.
  • It can recognize the status of charging battery to prevent overcharging and short circuit automatically with Intelligent IC chip.
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  • Compact, lightweight, portable, stylish, easy to store. Perfect accessory for traveling.
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  • Phone can still be used during charging.
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  • 1 x Motorola V3 Travel Charger.
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  • Weight: 54g.

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