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x Gray Card 6 x 8 4 6 D00036

This x Gray Card takes guessing out of setting perfect exposure and color balance, that can only be archived with high quality Mennon Gray Cards with the uniform spectral reflectance, regardless of wavelength, color or intensity of the illumination. Each card has two sides, one side white and other is gray. The gray side used as a reference area for exposure metering while the white side enables correct white balance that is so important in digital photography.

  • x Gray Card 6 x 8 4 6 D00036
  • x Gray Card 6 x 8 4 6 D00036 1
  • x Gray Card 6 x 8 4 6 D00036 2

x Gray Card specifications

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  • Gray side material: Special paper with spectrally flat 18% coat.
  • Max. error in exposure measurements: 1, 8 of F-stop.
  • Core material: High density paper based composite.
  • Gray side: Reflectance 17.8%. Density 0.74.
  • Max. deviation of reflectance: 2%.
  • Card sizes: 6" x 8" and 4" x 6".

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